Roque e Livro

Roque de Ávila Jr.

Visual Artist and Writer

Since 1992, Roque de Ávila Jr. provides illustration works from books and magazines, advertising offices and all kind of graphic design contexts.

He also develops Fine-Art works to galleries and people who loves and(/or!) invests in this highly authoral area.
Roque is post-graduated in Art in Education and also studied Draw and Paintings on Lorenzo di Medici School, in Firenze, Italy. Since 1994 he gives art lessons for all age profiles.

Roque began writing books in 2013, publishing “The Artist, the Executive and the Iceman”, about the use of art concepts in the business environment.

Two years later, he published Peles, him first romance book. Roque also writes poesies and chronics, having winnings a few of contests.

In 2014, Roque founded Ideotuto, an Art and Design company. It provides art works, graphic design projects and it also publishes… good ideas.